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GI Advanced Endoscopy Courses

GI Advanced Endoscopy Courses
Esophageal SCC and Barrett Esophagus - Advanced Endoscopic Practices
To Recognize premalignant and early stage malignant lesions (SCC and Barrett) of the esophagus, To learn the endoscopic classifications, Determining treatment options, To learn EMR applications, To learn ESD applications
Advanced Endoscopic Practices in Premalignant and Malignant Lesions of The Stomach
Recognizes premalignant lesions of the stomach, Makes detailed endoscopic evaluations. In case of sampling, the target determines the sampling area, Determines treatment options EMR applies. Applies ESD in simple lesions
Advanced Endoscopic Applications in Duodenum and Other Small Intestine Premalign Lesions
Chromoendoscopic evaluations of premelign lesions of the duodenum and proximal small intestine. Determines treatment options
Advanced Endoscopic Practices in Colon and Rectum Premalign and Malign Lesions
Makes chromoendoscopic and NBI based evaluations of colon and rectum lesions. Decides the suitability of the lesions for resection. ESD for lesions that are in appropriate localization and whose diameter does not exceed 3 cm.

Advanced Endoscopic Practices in The Diagnosis and Treatment of Subepithelial Lesions
Determines the origin of the lesion with EUS in esophagus and stomach subepital lesions. Makes the treatment decision

Advanced Endoscopic Practices in Achalasia and Other Esophageal Motility Disorders
Makes the diagnosis of Achalasia, Determines treatment options

Advanced Endoscopic Practices in Rare Esophageal and Stomach Diseases
Determines the diagnosis and treatment options for Zenker Diverticulum and gastroparesis.

Advanced Endoscopic Practices in Diagnosis and Treatment of Small Intestine Diseases
Determines and applies the necessity of capsule endoscopy and enteroscopy in small bowel diseases.
Reflux and Advanced Endoscopic Practices
The patient who needs endoscopic treatment is determined. Decides and applies treatment options

Obesity and Advanced Endoscopic Techniques
Learns and applies endoscopic treatment options in obesity

Suturing and Closing Techniques
Determines and applies endoscopic treatment options for complications

Using Overstitch
Identifies and implements indications for Oversitich use

Basic ESD Course
Recognizes endoscopic equipment, Learns the submucosal injection liquid types and application. Learns the use of IT knife, Dual Knife, hemostatic forceps Learns and applies ESD steps, Learns to remove the lesion and send it to pathology appropriately

Submucosal Endoscopy Course
Recognizes Endoscopy Equipments, Learns the use of TT knife and hemostatic forceps, Learns to open tunnel and make myotomy.
Polypectomy-EMR Course
Learns the endoscopy equipment and snare types. Learn to apply standard polypectomy, endoloop, EMR